The StoryBrand 7 Part Framework

Give Your Customers a Clear Plan Knowing what the customer wants and needs is a big deal. At this point, we've also identified the three different levels of problems the customer has. The External Problem The Internal Problem The Philosophical Problem Even though...

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How the Brain Works

Your Brain is Tasked with Keeping You Alive. The human brain is amazing! It's tasked with keeping you alive and that means your brain is constantly doing two things to be sure you are in good shape. Helping your Survive and Thrive Conserving Calories How does this...

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The StoryBrand Workshops

StoryBrand Workshops The StoryBrand framework is one of kind! It's quite revolutionary in that it teaches you to stop making yourself the hero, and start making your customer the hero. Start talking about your business in light of your customer's story. Essentially,...

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