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What You Should Know About this StoryBrand Guide

We are continually adding content to this Definitive Guide to StoryBrand. So…you may visit today and see a few topics that are sparsely written about. Just know that we are actively working on this guide. We are StoryBrand Certified Guides…so it’s very possible that we’re out Clarifying Someone’s Message so they can go kill it! On with the show…here comes everything (well maybe a lot about everything) you ever wanted to know about StoryBrand.

Donald Miller and the team at StoryBrand are shakings things up! Your business can’t afford to waste money on marketing. Margins are too slim, time is of the essence and small business owners everywhere have been looking for the answer. StoryBrand provides a simple solution with very practical steps and guidance to help businesses of all sizes be successful.

Full disclosure, I am a StoryBrand Certified Guide going on two years now. I’ll include a section about that in this guide.


Why do I need StoryBrand for my business?

Throughout this guide, you will read these words more than once, “if you confuse, you’ll lose.” That is the mantra at StoryBrand, and it’s the reason you need StoryBrand for your business, non-profit, or church. Many of us, (you included) are just not clear in our messaging. That results in a massive waste of money.

You are wasting money on:

  • your website
  • your email campaigns
  • paid ads on facebook
  • google ads
  • youtube ads
  • ads
  • The $97 bucks a month you’re paying ClickFunnels 

“All Because Your Message Isn’t Clear”

How many vague and ambiguous statements do you see plastered all over websites, the side of trucks, or on business cards?

Statements like,“Trust is the commodity that we exchange” or “We are 100% committed to your success!”

There is nothing inherently wrong with those statements except that they can apply to about 100 different businesses.

Think about it…who do you do business with that you don’t want to trust or expect trust from?

Do you trust that your barber won’t jack up your hair? Do you trust that your insurance agent isn’t ripping you off, do you trust that your financial advisor is acting in your best interest? My point is…all of the people I just mentioned could put that statement on their website.

Which tagline would be better for a barber?

  1. Trust is the Commodity We Exchange
  2. We Won’t Jack Up Your Hair

You need StoryBrand because it will teach you how to be crystal clear in your messaging. StoryBrand will teach you how to find the best words to use when you talk about your business. If you are in business or you have or need donors, you need StoryBrand. If you speak publicly you need StoryBrand.

If you confuse, you’ll lose.

Donald Miller

CEO, StoryBrand

What are the StoryBrand Fundamentals?

If you don’t already have the book. Click this link and buy it. It’s totally worth the $15 or so bucks.

Here’s the gist…for 2,000 years humans have been encapsulated by stories. We love stories! Our brains were wired for stories! So, why not use a story framework in your marketing? Duh!

The trick is figuring out what story and who the story is about. 

It’s our nature and our first inclination to start telling our story. I was with a new client just this week and we started having this conversation. Here’s what he said, 

“My grandfather started the company in 1958 and now I’m running it. We’ve got a great story to tell.”

Which is actually true. They have a great story and my client is a great guy and I’m sure his Grandfather rocks the house, but guess what…none of his potential new clients care about that. Not in the least. 


Because his potential new clients, and yours by the way…are wrapped up in their own story. So why not make your marketing mostly about them and their story? That is the big paradigm shift that Storybrand is pushing for. You should stop talking so much about your brand and start talking about your customer’s journey. 

The StoryBrand Framework a.k.a. (The BrandScript) can be summarized into 7 parts.

  1. A Character
  2. With A Problem
  3. Meets a Guide (that’s you or your company)
  4. That gives them a plan
  5. That calls them to action
  6. That results in either Success or
  7. It results in Failure

The hard work is figuring out each piece of the BrandScript. There are a few ways to work out your BrandScript:

The BrandScript is your bible

 Once you’ve completed your BrandScript you won’t be putting it down. You should use it for all sorts of things. Things like:

  • Copy for your Website
  • Copy for your Email Campaigns
  • Copy for your Social Media Postings
  • Copy for your Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Copy for your Press Releases
  • Copy for your White Papers
  • Your One-liner and Elevator Pitch

I’ve covered the basics. You learned about the book and how to buy it. You learned the big paradigm shift that is key to executing StoryBrand successfully. You learned about the StoryBrand 7 Part Framework, the BrandScript, and how to get help with StoryBrand. 

The StoryBrand Podcast

Don’t you just love podcasts!!??

I do. I love the Building a StoryBrand Podcast. Here are some of the best early podcasts that will help you learn more about StoryBrand.

The Character 

Every good story has to have a Character that wants or needs something. In your business the Character is your Customer. 


Listen to this podcast from Don and J.J. Peterson. It talks all about the first part of the StoryBrand Framework.


The Plan

Your customers need to see the steps in the river that will get them from their problem to a solved problem. Preferably a 3 Step Plan.

Listen to this podcast where Don and J.J. talk to the woman who taught the Pope how to use Twitter!


The Problem

Every good story has to a Character that wants something that has a problem. If Jason Bourne figured out who he was in the first 5 minutes then we wouldn’t have might be the best movie series ever.

Listen to this podcast from Don and J.J. It’s gonna fill you in on the second part of the StoryBrand Framework.


Call to Action 

If you don’t call your customers to action they won’t act! In every great story, the Guide challenges the Hero to take action.  

In this episode of Building A StoryBrand, Don and J.J. talk to Jonathan Davis about making your Call to Action irresistible.


The Guide

We all need a guide. What you should know is your customers need a guide. Think, Yoda for Luke Skywalker…or Haymitch for Katniss.

Listen to Don and J.J. talk about the guide and how it applies in business with Dave Ramsey. 




Success and Failure

In a story, if the hero follows the plan there is a fairytale ending. If they don’t it’s a tragedy. The same is true for your customers. 

Success Episode with Olympian Scott Hamilton
Failure Episode with Ray Edwards


Will StoryBrand screw up my SEO?

With many things having to do with SEO…the answer many times is “It Depends”! It’s not different when using the StoryBrand Framework. 

My first answer is NO! Heavens No! It’s very likely that SEO brought you to this page. So…it works with SEO. 

This page isn’t meant to be a guide SEO. It’s a definitive guide to StoryBrand; however, I’m going to give a quick SEO strategy that will actually help your SEO and you can StoryBrand your website.

1. Your Homepage has to be Crystal Clear and Not Stuffed with Keywords

You can download a template of the a StoryBranded template for a great homepage. I’ll put a download link at the end of this section. The point I’m trying to make here is that you don’t have to stuff a bunch of keywords on your homepage or landing page. Go look at my homepage right now.

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