StoryBrand BrandScript: And Ends in Success

The StoryBrand BrandScript, like any great story, ends with “Happily Ever After” or “Tragic, Epic, Failure Death and Carnage”. In the StoryBrand SB7 we call these two buckets:

  1. Success
  2. Failure

At this point in the SB7, we are almost finished and ready to go create some awesome marketing collateral. But a story without a great ending just doesn’t resonate and neither will your marketing. Great storytellers

In these buckets, we want to talk about what success or failure looks like for your customer. The idea is to build on what you’ve already discovered about your Character. You already did the hard work of uncovering what your Character really wants. You wrestled over what their external problem was and how that made them feel the inside (the Internal Problem). Next, you went through why it’s just plain wrong for your Character to have this problem (the Philosophical Problem).

Now that you completely understand your customer it’s time to relate with them and show them that you are their guide. Here you talked about the authority you bring to the table and how you can help your character…why it is that you can be their Luke Skywalker. Empathy also belongs here…showing your customer that you understand how they are feeling. Once you’ve provided your customer with a clear plan and call to action the ending depends on your customer.

That’s why it’s super important to let your customer know, very clearly, how life will be if they do business with your product or service. And, you guessed it…how their life will look if they don’t do business with your product or service. A great tool to help with this exercise is Digital Marketer’s “Before/After” grid. You can read more about it here.

In your marketing, you have to talk about what the end looks like. The places you can do that are:

  • Your Emails (all emails…yes you can be selling/marketing in any email you write)
  • Your Website Copy (duh!)
  • Your Website Photos (choose aspirational photos of happy people using your product or service)
  • Your Marketing Print Collateral
  • Your Trade Show Set Up

Brainstorming what your customers’ life will look like externally should yield some powerful words you can use in your marketing. Here is a word cloud for successful feeling words. StoryBrand Success


StoryBrand BrandScript: That helps them avoid failure

The thing you need to remember is that every person on this earth is trying to avoid their tragic ending. Think back to the last best movie you saw. You were likely wrapped up in the story and there was an open story loop as to whether or not the hero was going to defeat the villain. It was probably a high stakes situation.

I just recently watched the Avengers. The villain in this movie is amazing. Thanos seems unstoppable. If the superheroes can’t stop Thanos then a large population of the world will likely die. The stakes in this movie are huge and I didn’t want to stop watching.

In your marketing, we’ve got to let the customer know what could happen if they don’t do business with you. What will your customers lose if they don’t do business with you?

Some examples of this:

  • Are you helping them save money?
  • Are there health risks they can avoid if they buy your product?
  • Are you saving them from chaos and disorganization?
  • Will their quality of life decline if they don’t engage with you?

If you’re an Avengers fan, you’ve probably already seen it. If not I’d recommend it. Watch the trailer here.

Your Call To Action:

  • If you haven’t already to go and create a StoryBrand BrandScript
  • Brainstorm all the ways your products and services make your customer’s life better
  • Brainstorm all the bad things your brand is helping your customers avoid
  • Fill out your BrandScript

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