Give Your Customers a Clear Plan

Knowing what the customer wants and needs is a big deal. At this point, we’ve also identified the three different levels of problems the customer has.

  1. The External Problem
  2. The Internal Problem
  3. The Philosophical Problem

Even though we’ve identified with customers and have them nodding their heads with our copy they still won’t purchase from us. Why? Because we haven’t spelled out a clear and simple plan.

Buying your product or service is usually a big deal and can be expensive. Think of it like “getting married”. So, what are customers looking for from us? They’re looking for a plan. Think about the great Rocky movies. In Rocky III after Rock get pummeled by Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed offers to train Rocky, but he doesn’t just train the same old way.

Apollo offers Rocky a new plan.

Running, Swimming, and dancing to funk music.

What does this look like for you?

Give your customers a clear plan.

Step 1 – Call Us or Buy Now
Step 2 – Discovery Session or Download the Course
Step 3 – Achieve Greater Success

You can learn more about StoryBrand by going through the whole guide.

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